21 February 2015


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Meg Art

Meggy had art at school last term and brought 
home a couple of really fine pieces!

Anna Art



The Grocery Store Companion

Elizabeth *loves* checking things off the list!

Meg's Amazing Birthday Cake

Meg had a vision for her birthday cake this year...  it would be an 8 layer cake (being the 8th birthday and all) with a rainbow inside, and a pig and a rainbow on top and Happy Birthday Meg also on top.  This is how it turned out...
Mixing colors!

Pretty, yes?

It all fit!

31 December 2014

Kids in San Antonio

Kids on Cannon

This starts out nice...

...but then gets a little silly...

...and totally falls apart.

A Baking Helper

Dark-thirty Christmas Morning

These two turkeys were up first.

They're all making reindeer antlers for the next kid.  Betsy?  I don't know.


At the Alamo

Fine Art





Gingerbread Train!

A Couple of Christmas Pictures!

Elizabeth Again

08 December 2014

01 November 2014